Outdoor Events

For the bigger picture of any kind of outdoor event, you can’t beat an aerial photo. At Air-real we can provide a series of great images of any outdoor event, no matter how big or small. Aerial shots would be a dramatic addition to a set of wedding photos, and a unique record of any kind of outdoor social or community event.

We can bring a new perspective to the action at football and rugby matches, school sports days and many other types of sporting activity. Aerial shots are a great way to provide a souvenir of outdoor corporate events too. Or perhaps you’re planning a music or cultural event.

What better way to get a feel for the atmosphere at a pop festival, or to show the crowds enjoying a country fair? Just seeing our UAVs in action on site would be an attraction in its own right.


Images shown have been compressed for web use, if you wish to view high resolution versions contact us by either phone or email and we would be happy to supply them.