Building and Construction

Whether you’re a “grand designer” engaged in your own self-build project, a local builder remodelling a property for a private client or a major developer engaged in a major residential or commercial construction project, you could enhance your work with aerial photography from Air-real. It’s a great way to keep a permanent record of your progress or create a distinctive before and after shot.

You can show the full extent of your work from every angle and offer a new perspective on your capabilities. Because Air-real can get to places that other forms of photography can’t reach, we can provide you with detailed close up images of every aspect of your project, even where access is difficult, with no need for expensive extra equipment.

For major developments, we can also give you site overviews for uses such as route planning and traffic flow monitoring at a very affordable cost.

Images shown have been compressed for web use, if you wish to view high resolution versions contact us by either phone or email and we would be happy to supply them.