Our Equipment

aerial photographyAir-Real's photographic UAV
hexcopterAir-Real's HD video UAV

At Air-real we use own custom-designed, state-of-the-art battery powered multi rotor platform, or hexacopter. This is a remotely operated unmanned miniature helicopter, measuring 700 mm in diameter, capable of reaching a height of up to 120 metres. Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (or UAV) has its own GPS system on board. This makes it possible for the UAV to hover automatically once it has reached the desired position for photography. In addition the camera sits within a 3 axis gyro stabilised mount which means the camera stays level even in winds of up to 15 mph.

We use a high quality digital camera, which has the same size sensor as those found in larger professional DSLRs. With a 360 degree panoramic view, the camera can be pointed in any direction required and capture images that would be impossible using a fixed mast system or manned aircraft.

Our custom-built remote control system incorporates full radio control for both flying the UAV and operating the camera as well as a high definition colour monitor, which displays the image from the camera. This is transmitted to the operator via a 5.8GHz video down-link for maximum accuracy and precision. By combining both UAV and camera operation in one remote unit, we only need one operator on site, keeping costs to a minimum.

Our system includes many fail-safe features. For example, in the event of the loss of a signal from the remote transmitter, the UAV will automatically return to its take-off position and land independently.